Thursday, September 22, 2011

Serious Rivals

Little Red took it a little to far. He wants to destroy Nook?! Crazy talk, but then where will I get my grocery's?


  1. okay...xD you do funny blog posts!

    BTW are we EVER gonna WiFi??? LOL pleeease comment back on here if you want to WiFi

    Oh, and btw i got banned from ACC, so can you please send a PT to TwinniesloveAC and tell her to "Check ebbie's blog! She says its urgent! x"


  2. Thank you! You too. I'm so sorry I haven't answered you back, its been a while since I got on- I've been extremely busy. I want to WiFi really badly but my WiFi connection doesn't support Nintendo! It sucks. I'll try to get on that if I can, later!