Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cloned people do exist!

I was just about to drop my thought about clones, when I see Kibblers racing! Clones! how? I don't know! but their was four of them... where are these clones coming from?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dolly the -CLONED- sheep!

So cloning in Townie is true! The other day Pigdish and I were conversation about cloning.. he said it was impossible! I disagreed..then one day later seeing the news on TV about Dolly the first adult sheep cloned in Towine, I was stunned. Imagine when they will clone HUMANS in Townie! Hopefully that will be years from now.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Timmy is a clone of Tommy?!

Maybe I wish I hadn't find out- but when I entered Tom Nook shop in the second floor, I saw Timmy crying in the corner.. Tommy said that hes brother is a retarded clone! At first I didn't believe him. Then Tommy said "Don't tell Nook!" so it has to be true..... But what explains where the cloning machine came from? And where it is hidden? (does that mean Nook sells cloned items?)... and secretly...CLONING PEOPLE?! but why would he do that? ...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kibbler... save the cat!

Kibbler is new to the town of  Towine, and he already registered to be a lifeguard at the beach. (Wants to pay rent I'm guessing). Today I went down to the beach to fish some trout, when I heard crazy flapping in the water! I rushed over to see a cat drowning and the lifeguard right there! I yelled SAVE HER! to Kibber and Kibbler said How?? What a lifeguard alright! (whats with most cats drowning and a tempting to go in water..?) Even I could be a lifeguard without training! (Unless she starts scratching me to death..). Yeah.. I know someone going to be fired today! -_-

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mott wants to go on a date? I don't think so...

I was out in the city when I bumped into Mott... Yeah, no way.. I would never go out with a lion! lol.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The results are in!

 The results are finally in! and when Pelly announced it on the radio of Townie, animals scurried all over even if they were in their sleeping cloths and went to the bulletin board! I was so excited, even though their was a huge line at the Bulletin board from people taking a look. After some animals saw the board they would cry, shout for joy, or be mad.. I wonder who it is! In the end I voted for Tom Nook, even though hes a rip off in his shop. After two hours of waiting, I looked at the post! And guess who was chosen? Look at the image.

Its sad Pelly typed the wrong date.. but anyways its Dr.Shrunk! I HAD TO ADMIT, I'M SURPRISED..
Yet I would have been astonished for who ever was voted. Good Job, Dr.Shrunk! May he be a good mayor!
And for other news, people are throwing party's and celebrating while other suffer from betting (Tom Nook).
Seems like Ray is a 'Rich Man' now!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Towine animals voting at the city

Bunches of animals from Townie came to vote for the new mayor. Although Phineas is out handing balloons and handouts about how he should be mayor, most are choosing Tom Nook. Pigdish told me he was voting for Dr.Shrunk! Pigdish said he wants variety, still I am undecided about my vote.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is little Red threating me?!

Right when I came into Red's shop, he pinned me down against the wall. Dizzy from the fast motion- my eyes grew blurry. My heart was pumping. The words came at me like bullets. "Cousin! you must vote for Phineas, NOT Nook... Understand?... or then their shall be consequences!" He releases me, and I ran to the bus station with confusion and frightness. Was that a threat? Yes... so I alerted Booker.

I told Brooker what happened.

New Mayor?

Pigdish has been telling me some interesting things this week; like a animal who drowned named Dotty, and how to make a friend bracelet, but this time what he said was seriously surprising and interesting, a new mayor! Tortimer has died of  tuberculosis, which is sad (probably didn't clean his shell often).. He was a good mayor (except for he stood in the same place for all of the events) but now its time to move on. Tom Nook? Phineas? and Dr.Shrunk? I honestly don't know who to choose!